Nearly 50 years later, Primitivo Garcia is still a hero for the ages

Family photos hang in the home of Marlo Kindermann in her small California town. Among them is a picture of a Kansas City man she never met.

“He saved my mother’s life — he saved my life,” Kindermann said. “He made it so my son could be born. “He died for all of us. When I need to restore my faith in humanity, I think of Primitivo Garcia.”

In Kansas City, that story makes Alfredo Garcia smile a sad smile. Nearly 50 years later, he still misses “Tivo.” On late fall nights, like those now, air crisp beneath a starry sky, he hears his brother’s words.

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Time Magazine Cover – December 2, 1967

Time Magazine – December 2, 1967

Garcia's Gratitude

Acquitted as Accessory in Shooting of Garcia

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