PRIMITIVO GARCIA, Kansas City, Missouri

Primitivo Garcia sustained fatal injuries as the result of rescuing Margaret R. Kindermann, 25, from a gang attack, Kansas City, Missouri, November 15, 1967. At night on a dimly-lit street, a teen-age youth snatched Mrs. Kindermann’s purse from her and ran to where a number of other youths had gathered. When Mrs. Kindermann ran to them, begging for her purse, some of the youths seized her, threw her to the sidewalk, and began mauling her. She called for help. Garcia, 23, stock clerk, and his younger brother heard the cries and noted the situation. Garcia ran to the youths. He told his brother to leave because the assailants might have weapons. Garcia grasped one of the youths and pulled him away from Mrs. Kindermann. When the youths turned their attention to Garcia, Mrs. Kindermann was able to escape, and she fled to the other side of the street. She then called to Garcia to run, and he began to move backward away from the youths. Two of them followed him. Garcia suddenly shouted that the youths had a gun. One of the youths then fired three shots from a pistol. Garcia was wounded fatally. 49933-5425 Click here to read more.

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